The Membership Advocacy Committee (MAC™) works diligently to investigate and confirm upcoming rules and regulations (R&R), then communicate their potential impact on Independent Broker/Dealers. As relevant issues arise, MAC™ initiates a positive, professional feedback plan.

First, NAIBD General Meeting attendees are notified of the upcoming rules and regulations, and feedback is gleaned. Second, an insightful, detailed letter is crafted in response to the proposed R&R (with regard to feedback) and made available to Independent Broker/Dealers in two ways. First, it is emailed to our NAIBD distribution list. Second, it is posted online at this website. These responses impact regulatory activities and have led to exemptions for Independent Broker/Dealers. Finally, MAC™ achievements are announced in trade journals and at NAIBD Events.


Read this letter from FINRA NNC Chairman Kenneth Duberstein

The links below are response letter templates produced by NAIBD to assist members in making a change for Independent Broker/Dealers:


Response to Request for Comment;

NAIBD Comment to Proposed Changes to Forms U4 and U5


Notice to Members 08-71

Notice to Members 07-30

Notice to Members 07-12

CEO/CCO Attestation -
FINRA NTM 03-29.

Branch Office Definition – FINRA NTM 02-52

Proposed Rule Changes

Please modify, print on your firm letterhead, and email to or mail to ATTN: Ms. Marcia Asquith, Office of the Corporate Secretary Financial Industry Regulatory Authority 1735 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006-1500.)